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Organization Survey, Systems& Assessments

Corporate Insight provides Organization Surveys, System Audit & Assessment in following areas:

  • Salary & Compensation Surveys 

  • Climate Surveys

  • Training Needs Analysis        

  • Job Description         

  • Waste Audit      

  • Performance Appraisal Systems         

  • Compensation Systems         

  • Environmental Audit         

  • Safety Audit         

  • HRD Systems         

  • Job Evaluation      

  • Attitude Survey         

  • Aptitude Assessment 


  • When a US 16 Billion Electrical Power company wanted to right-size its team across functions, it requested Corporate Insight to design and implement a counseling module which covered all the employees identified for separation and also offered them alternative career options.   

  • Indian Company wanted to restructure its Team & Benchmark its Compensation as per Industry it contacted Corporate Insight. We successfully completed this assignment in one month. 

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