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We help organizations to solve their business problems and help them find opportunities to grow their business and devise short & long term strategies. We do this by using tools such as Problem Solving, Goal Setting & SWOT.


  • US $ 80 Billion agro-foods MNC venturing into India in fertilizer import & Soya-meal export business and needed help to identify barriers to productivity which was costing the company hundreds of thousands dollars in ship turnaround time during un-loading & loading operations at its own jetty in Gujarat. Corporate Insight was invited to work closely with the Operations team to identify the causes of low productivity and recommend solutions that could enhance productivity. An offsite Problem Solving Workshop was conducted and this helped in identifying the causes that caused low productivity and a plan was drawn up to overcome these causes and a time frame of 9-12 months was drawn-up to achieve the three fold increase targeted. The team was able to achieve consistent productivity of 4600 tons per day of through-put in place of the earlier average of 1400 tons a day - an increase of 228% in the throughput! 

  • A US $ 15 Billion, European Anti Infective & Chemicals company hired Corporate Insight’s services to facilitate their annual goal setting exercise and the results at he end of 12 months exceeded their expectations in profitability & sales turnover.

  • A 100 crore Indian Manufacturing Company wanted to devise its long term strategy Corporate Insight used Surveys & In depth Interviews with management team, goal setting exercises, problem solving approach & SWOT to devise the strategy.

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